Zsolt Bárány

Zsolt Bárány

Zsolt Bárány

Short Bio

Zsolt Bárány is the responsible sales manager for the Romanian and Hungarian market on behalf of Trend Micro. Since April 2015, he is responsible for the establishment of Trend Micro’s market presence, for the coordination of its sales operations and development of its reseller network in this area.

Trend Micro, being a leading global IT Security vendor, has shifted focus to provide better access and higher quality service to companies and organizations in Eastern Europe. As part of this strategy, there has been heavy investment into resources within Trend Micro’s  EE team, since 2015.

Zsolt graduated at the Technical College of Budapest and holds an MBA degree in Economics. He has been in the IT industry since 1998 and before joining Trend Micro, Zsolt was involved with both, systems integrators and service providers and IT vendors in the field of IT infrastructure and software.

Staying ahead and protecting all angles against threat actors

Rapidly evolving and morphing threats like Ransomware, BEC and targeted attacks are exceeding the capabilities of traditional IT Security architectures. In order stay ahead of cyber criminals, a new way of thinking, new tools and technologies are necessary. Individuals and enterprises alike are risking big by not making the transformation in time.