Virgilius Stanciulescu

Virgilius Stanciulescu

Virgilius Stanciulescu

Head of Regional IT Office, ANCOM

With an experience of 20 years in ICT, having vision, analytical skills and managing abilities, Mr.Virgilius Stanciulescu is involved in ANCOM in important IT projects that are improving the operational efficiency. The most important is the Integrated Information System for Spectrum Management, a critical system for managing communications in Romania.

Having a Magna cum Laude PhD in IT, collaborations with Technical University, he is also certified in ethical hacking, expert in competitive / business intelligence, cyber and national security, critical infrastructures security, being a member of national system for fight against cybercrime project.

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet and Cyber-Physical systems: benefits, challenges. Security risks and solutions in the digital transformation age

The IoT, the mix of IT and OT, rapid application development, digital simulation models, cyber-physical systems, advanced robotics, additive manufacturing, autonomous production, consistent engineering across the entire value chain, thorough data collection and provisioning, horizontal and vertical integration, cloud computing, big data analytics, AR/VR and edge computing: these are some of the essential components of the fourth industrial revolution.

Whether we like it or not: cybersecurity can’t be addressed with just traditional ad hoc and limited point solutions. Cybersecurity is a key strategic priority for digital business and is a topic along with compliance and data usage we need to be open about if we want to succeed in digital transformation. In order to innovate and realize the digital potential in regards to any given business and customer goal, organizations want security approaches that enable the focus on business, and this is changing the face of the cybersecurity industry.

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