Valeriu Stanciu

Valeriu Stanciu

Valeriu Stanciu

Short Bio

Specialized in project development and programming of large scale software solutions, with undergoing doctoral studies in the field of privacy-preserving crowd monitoring, Valeriu Stanciu is also conducting seminars of “Parallel and Distributed Algorithms” and “Communication Protocols” at the University Politehnica of Bucharest.

His particular focus in developing security investigations platforms, together with a lean towards machine learning techniques and novel authentication mechanisms, make him a valuable contributor to the cybersecurity research field in Romania.


Setting the New Frontier in IT Security Analytics

The expansion of techniques used by cyber attackers to break and steal valuable data, urges both companies and state institutions to expand the territories of innovation in cybersecurity. The local private sector has a huge potential in developing competitive security solutions, mixing technology with the expertise and versatility of innate security analysts.

Implementing security enforcements in all company’s systems, networks, databases and applications, using innovative mechanisms at the maximum and bringing coherence and logic to data analytics is the new frontier in IT Security Analytics and it’s happening right now.

For Smart Investigator, our fully owned, 100% Romanian IT security analytics platform, we designed one of the most advanced analytic engines, powered by integrated elastic search technology, which offers to our platform the ability to drill down in billions of events across multi data sources, in a matter of seconds. Smart Investigator offers full insight into the entire IT infrastructure within an organization, giving control and visibility across all platforms, data sources, processes and users.