Tudor Cristea

Tudor Cristea

Tudor Cristea

With more than ten years experience in IT and information security, holding strategic positions, in leading IT&C companies, Tudor Cristea joined Palo Alto Networks team as Regional Sales Manager Romania & Bulgaria.

Considered as one of the top players, constantly demonstrating expertise, aspiration and engagement, while working for CISCO and EMC, Tudor combines an excellent technology understanding with strong business development and strategic thinking and agility.

Why platform is key in preventing successful cyber-security attacks

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform protects our digital way of life by safely enabling applications and preventing known and unknown threats across the network, cloud, and endpoints. The native integration of the platform delivers a prevention architecture that can provide superior security at lower total cost of ownership.

Our platform has four major components that enable the prevention of successful cyberattacks:

  • Natively integrated technologies that leverage a single-pass prevention architecture to exert positive control based on applications, users, and content to reduce organizational attack surface, that support open communication, orchestration, and visibility, and enable consistent security posture from the network, to the cloud, to the endpoint.
  • Automated creation and delivery of protection mechanisms against new threats to network, cloud, and endpoint environments
  • Extensibility and flexibility that allows for protection of customers as they expand, move off their physical network, or adopt new technologies
  • Threat intelligence sharing that provides protection by taking advantage of the network effects of a community of comprehensive global threat data to minimize the spread of attacks.