Toma Cîmpeanu

Toma Cîmpeanu

Toma Cîmpeanu

Short Bio

Toma Cîmpeanu holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in the systems of coordination and control, as well as a MBA in administration of companies. In the last fifteen years, he occupied executive positions in several companies (private or State-owned) such as National Company of Radio-communications, TAROM, National Trains Informatics, or within different groups such as SCOP Computers, eSign Romania and Total soft.

He was Secretary of State within the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Romanian representative and member of the council of ENISA, the President of the National Agency of the Services of the Informational society and vice-president of the national Center ” Digital Romania “. His name is bound to the e-Romania strategy, to the national system of calls for tenders and to the «Unique State contact point». T

oma Cîmpeanu also taught at the University of Craiova and managed the operations of the Institute of management and Sustainable development, the only Romanian NGO which coordinated at the global level a workgroup of the UNO. Since 2015, he is the CEO of the ANSSI.

Cybertrends 2016: Romania and the World

In the last 26 years we witness the birth of a “parallel univers”, yet incomplete since not everything in the real world has already a reflection in the virtual world. An universe that changed the way we communicate, learn, work, an universe that changed our behaviour. Only the reasons driving our actions remain the same, while all these actions start and have consequences in the real world even if the means are entirely or partially electronic.

In this context we analyse the global, regional and local cybersecurity trends and propose actions to address them.