Teodor Cimpoeşu

Teodor Cimpoeşu

Teodor Cimpoeşu

Mr. Tedor Cimpoeşu, M.B.A., M.Sc., MPP, CyberSecurity Director within certSIGN, an UTI Grup company.

Teodor Cimpoesu is a seasoned information security professional, with a background formation in management and marketing as well. For the past 5 years he held the position of managing director for Kaspersky Lab Romania and Bulgaria, building upon other previous 5 years of technical and project and product management experience inside the company. Since mid 2014 he now holds the position of CyberSecurity Director with CERTSIGN, an UTI Grup company, leading the business unit responsible of delivering cyber security services on a MSSP model, along with complex infosec projects and formal training.

In current position, he is responsible of establishing a dominant foothold on the security services market, getting ahead of all regional competition with an unprecendented level of security services, aligned with top standards and staffed with top professionals. The business is serving corporate and governmental customers and covering services from ISO27001 audit, vulnerability scanning and pentesting, to monitoring and management of network equipments and endpoints and doing incident response in a formal CSIRT that follows all ENISA stanrdards and recommendations, which is organized within the CERTSIGN SOC.

In the previous position, he was responsible of establishing a strong presence in Romania & Bulgaria, where together with his team grew Kaspersky Lab into a market challenger and reputable security brand, highly appraised by customers and enterprise clients that rely on its expertise in protecting their digital assets, businesses and key IT infrastructures.

Besides business tasks, he was also involved in local R&D projects and occasionally is involved in complex investigations of advanced threats and malware. Staying up to date in the security industry was a strong priority while maintaining business responsibilities, so you can consult on both trends and measures to respond to them. He understands very well the importance of being very well informed on market evolution, competitors, threats and growth opportunities, therefore he developed a peculiar expertise in competitive intelligence and understanding the marketplace, a skill which we may call educated intuition. As a professional, you can find with him the rare mix of business acumen and
technical fluency.

On the business side, Teodor is a visionary strategist in the market’s complex game with ever changing rules, where fast action is critical while still keeping a clear picture on the long-term objectives. In security, he is a true evangelist, delivering dozens of topic presentations, to law enforcement auditoria, specialized conferences and industry events. He can make the complex things look simple and understandable without losing sight of the gravity of the subjects at hand.

On the technical side, Teodor has more than 10 years of experience in software development and management, from requirements definition, architecture and design to project management and implementation with agile methodologies. He actively looks for more challenging entrepreneurial technical projects, particularly in the cyber-security field, to use his experience at full potential. Though he spent 10 years in a Russian company, his language skills are more with English and basic French, besides the obvious proper Romanian.

Current professional interests are in advanced cyber defence/offence methods, threat intelligence and correlation, data mining and machine learning, business intelligence and analytics.

On the fun side he loves chess and tennis, go-kart and trade chart, gaming and cooking. Also, he is a restless entrepreneur working on new challenging projects.