Selene Giupponi

Selene Giupponi

Selene Giupponi

Cybersecurity Advisor & Senior Digital Forensics Consultant (Italy)

Short Bio

Mrs. Selene Giupponi is, worldwide, one of the (very) few women involved in Digital Forensics. Selene holds a University Degree in Computer Engineering (University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 2008), then she post-graduated in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations (University of Camerino, 2009) along with the Ministry of Interiors (Italian Postal and Communications Police).

Since 2008 she is a member of Engineers Association of the Latina Province, and in 2009 she became member of its ICT board.

She operates as Witness Expert for the Digital & Mobile Forensics subject since 2008 (Technical Assessor at Civil Court and Criminal Court), working on many domestic and international cases, investigations and court trials.She is a specialized It trainer for the Public Administration (Provinces, Municipalities) and Voluntary Associations. She has taught and teaches at Italian universities (both public and private ones) Digital, Mobile, Cloud and mainframe (IBM iSeries AS / 400) Forensics, Cybercrime, Cyberbullying and information security. Selene is often engaged as speaker at international conferences, in civil and military sphere, providing hands-on workshops and trainings as well.

Since June 2012 to February, 2014 she worked as a permanent member of the “World Cyber Working Group of OSN (Observatory for National Security), performing extensive research in the field of cybercrime and supporting the C.A.S.D. (Centre for High Defence Studies) in the Civil and Military Cooperation Exercises. Since September, 2015 she joined the ITU Roaster of Experts (International Telecommunication Union, the UN agency involved in Telecommunications).

Since April, 2016 she is a member of the Advisory Board @COURAGE FOCUS GROUP (Cybercrime and cyberterrorism European Research Agenda) @EOS (European Organization For Security, Brussels), and since April, 2016 a member of HTCC – High Tech Crime Consortium (Washington, USA); around the same period was selected as Cyber Expert for the European Project ENCYSEC in support of different French Ministries for the AFETI National Agency, providing multiple Cyber Security & Digital Forensics trainings for Moldova, Macedonia and Kosovo governments.

Since July 5, 2016 she joined as a founding member of the ECSO – European Cyber Security Organization (Belgium). She holds the CIFI certification (Certified International Information System Forensics Investigator), plus she is the only Italian trainer for EvidenceTalks SPEKTOR Phone Forensics Intelligence and Phone Intelligence, and UFED (Cellebrite), market’s top products that are used by Law Enforcement and private organizations in order to retrieve information and deleted content from mobile devices. An experienced Project Manager, she worked also as Security Researcher (NFC technology, for discovering vulnerabilities in new payment systems by national credit and debit cards).

She was involved in many publications, for IISFA (AS / 400 Forensics – 2012), APWG (Mobile Threat Analysis – Italian edition 2014) and NATO (Cyber Resilience & Digital Forensics – 2015).