Roberto Di Legami

Roberto Di Legami

Roberto Di Legami

Dr. Roberto Di Legami is a Senior Executive of the Italian State Police («Dirigente Superiore”). In his capacity as Head of Antimafia and Homicide Bureau in Palermo, for many years he carried out investigations against the mafia-type criminal organisation called “Cosa Nostra” and its connections with the secret lodgies of Freemasonry.

From June 1999 to August 2008 he was Head of Organised Crime Groups Department at Europol, The Netherlands.

In January 2010 he joined the Italian Postal and Communications Police, leading the regional offices “Compartimenti” of Sicily and Lazio before being appointed as Director of the Postal and Communications Police in July 2015. He was hired as consultant to various European and non-European organizations, in the field of fight against organized crime and global security. He was repeatedly awarded by the Chief of the Italian Police, as well as by several national and foreign judicial authorities, and other public and private entities.

In 2010, the Bulgarian government awarded him the prize «Giovanni Falcone», and honoured him with the title of «Ambassador of Legality», in recognition of the outstanding results achieved in the fight against dangerous Bulgarian mafia-type criminal organizations.

Preventing and combatting cybercrime and terrorism, while securing critical infrastructures: the Italian approach

The development of Internet characterises our era. It is a relevant resource for everybody but also a potential source of risks. Internet has determined the appearance of new crimes and is a facilitating driver for the traditional ones. Moreover, the growing dependency of the modern society from the cyber space makes worst the impact, deriving from network impairment and targeted attacks perpetrated through the network itself.

The threats can be originated from any points of the network and often strike the weakest link, the fragile subjects or the less protected systems. The Italia Postal and Communication Department is a center of excellence of Italian Police for the cyber crime. It represents a stronghold in this virtual world, a consolidated presence for preventing and combatting cyber crime, cyber terrorism and the cyber space defence.

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