Natalia Spinu

Natalia Spinu

Natalia Spinu

Short Bio

Natalia Spinu is the Head of the Cyber Security Center CERT-GOV-MD, S.E. Center for Special Telecommunications, State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova. Has various experience in governmental and non-governmental sector. Previous work experience was as Department Chief in the State Enterprise “Special Telecommunications Centre” (2008-2009), Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics (2007-2008), Project Coordinator in the Centre of Information and documentation on NATO, Republic of Moldova (2007).

She is graduate of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Leaders program in Advanced Security Studies (2012). In 2010, took part in the three month long European Training Course in Security Policy (ETC) at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Master of Arts – European Institute of the University of Geneva Oct 2010-June 2011. Studied Economy, Business and Public Administration (2006-2009), Journalism (2006) and Public Communication (2001-2005) at the State University of Moldova.

She attended various courses, workshops, conferences, summer schools and seminars organized by academic, governmental or non-governmental institutions in several European countries. Main areas of interest include national and international security, failed states and regional crises. Currently is a member of the Partnership for Peace Consortium’s Emerging Security Challenges Working Group.

The role of collaboration and information sharing in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a common challenge. Like the vast majority of the states, the Republic of Moldova confronted with the need of ensuring protection of its citizen against cybersecurity dangers. However, with the increasing number of electronic services and growing complexity of their protection coupled with low digital literacy of population, flaws and uncertainties in the national legal framework formed a major threat to national security.

Solving that issue is not the thing, which could be done alone. That requires active involvement, cooperation and information exchange of all responsible national institutions as well as international community.

The presentation will try to emphasize the importance of collaboration and information sharing in addressing that issue from the point of view and related experience of Cyber Security Center CERT-GOV-MD. In particular, the speaker of this topic will provide a holistic insight into the role of CERT-GOV-MD and its core activities, will explain the current situation and threats to Moldova’s state cybersecurity, and will reveal how CERT-GOV-MD approaches these threats through information sharing.

The audience will explore motivators driving the establishment of a computer security incident response team, key aspects and recommendations for information sharing, its importance through the case study of hybrid cyber warfare attack on Moldova’s government telecommunication infrastructure as well as common challenges and best strategies to fight information sharing problems.