Mădălin Dumitru

Mădălin Dumitru

Mădălin Dumitru

Short Bio

Mădălin is a Cyber Security Expert with over 15 Years of experience in IT. He founded Cyber Smart Defence in 2011 as an need to all cyber security threats he was facing in his companies.

Cyber Smart Defence is the leading Cyber Security company in Europe and employing ethical hackers in order to identify and secure all the vulnerabilities.

Practical tips and tricks for securing your organization
(Paper delivered with Cristian Pațachia-Sultănoiu)

Data security risks are more present than ever. Companies should be worried as no one is safe online. Less than a quarter of the companies interviewed by Orange believe they are exposed to cyber security risks. 8% of customers don’t even know if they were targeted by a cyber-attack. 229 days is the average time spent by attackers in a network, before being detected. According to CERT-R0, 67% of the victims were previously informed by external entities of their organization. With the acceleration of enterprise mobility, the adoption of multiple devices and increasingly demanding end-users, IT security has become very complex.

You’re facing a new generation of ICT security challenges, social media, mobile devices at the workplace and cloud computing, all carrying with them associated risks. As your organization grows, you need your network and information security systems to grow with you. Prevention techniques sometimes fail, therefore tools, processes, detection procedures and response teams should be added and this is the perimeter where Orange introduced the Business Internet Security, a fully managed security service. The goal is to reduce the time until detecting the incidents, reduce the time for investigation and reduce the time for incident’s correction.

The Business Internet Security enabler offers a choice of integrated, managed and cloud-based security solutions to provide the protection your data, network and customers’ needs. Along with a selected group of cyber security partners, Orange aims to offer organizations fully managed cyber security solutions. We established an approach through which we periodically test our clients’ systems for security breaches, offer the best solutions towards remediating the issues and recommendations for long term maintenance of the security level, monitor our clients’ systems between the periodic penetration tests, and identify and alert any security issues that might occur in between the periodical penetration tests through the Security Operation Center.

Any organization that has a network connected to the Internet or provides an online service should consider subjecting it to a penetration test. Our users’ trust is something we never take for granted here at Orange. In order to earn and keep that trust we are always working to improve the security of our services.

Some vulnerabilities, however, can be very hard to track down and it never hurts to have more eyes. Therefore, we introduced Orange Bug Bounty program to better engage with security researchers’ community. The idea is simple: ethical hackers and security researchers find and report vulnerabilities through our responsible disclosure process.

Orange promotes Bug Bounty initiatives in order to test and improve the accuracy of its cybersecurity solutions, developed to protect the Internet access for organizations.