Luca Tenzi

Luca Tenzi

Luca Tenzi

Short Bio

Luca has more than 20 years of experience in multinationals. He led security operations in different domains, from industry to pharma, ITtechnologies and Telcoes, financial institutions and a number of companies, all Fortune 100 and 500. He also works with secialized agencies of the UN, among which the ITU, where he is Security Integration Officer. As an adept of the convergence of physical and digital security, he leads several projects of technology integration taking into account emergent threats, asymmetric threats, geopolitical issues, human factor and any challenge which may raise for a company security.

The future of corporate security mission, convergence may be the challenge!

In an ever evolving business environment and the fast growing of 2.0 business models and industry, there is still space for corporate security? What is the role, but most important what are the area of concern for such a structure.

In a recent article, I indicated that the ongoing shift toward IP network base security equipment and solution is the first step for an actual convergence with ICT security in strictum sensu. While it appears clear that there will be a convergence of interest in the cyber risk identification and management, corporate security leader and structures will face the challenge of defining their new mission and vision outside the cyber risk spectrum.

The increasing demand for cost and resources reductions, use of out sourcing strategy and use of integrated ICT solution will need to be extensively employed to align to global business trend. How to lead corporate security in a world were criminality, terrorism and natural disaster appears to be evermore present and business grow come from new emerging market.