Johny Gasser

Johny Gasser

Johny Gasser

Short Bio

Recognized international security expert since more than 15 years, Johny is helping multinational companies to address cyber security effectively. Johny has been IT auditor and information risk management advisor at KPMG, then his needs to solve and anticipate problems has led him to Orange Business. He is giving conferences all around the World, at prestigious events organized by ISACA, IIA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), CLUSIS, GMU International Cyber Center, etc.

Switzerland and the Future. Economy Confronted by Cyberrisks

The 2016 strategic day of the CLUSIS [Swiss Association of Information Security] subjects were cybercrime, cyberwar and cyber terrorism. A report has been established ummarizing the situation of Switzerland confronted by cyber risks and providing recommendations to companies as Government.

Most of the findings and recommendations are not applicable to Switzerland only, but to all around the world. Internet does not consider political and geographical borders.

The following subjects, including recommendations, will be presented :

  • Cybercrime is an industry with a strong business model.
  • under estimated risks, the “we are not a bank syndrom”.
  • nothing detected does not mean nothing has happen.
  • IOT – Internet of Things, announced catastrophy?