Jean-Luc Habermacher

Jean-Luc Habermacher

Jean-Luc Habermacher

Short Bio

President of the Valley of Energy – the first European cluster of energy power industries), former manager risk of several major companies (CEGELEC, ALSTOM, CONVERTEAM, GENERAL ELECTRIC), Regional Vice President for listeners Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense in Franche-Comté (France), Administrator and Professor at the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France), Lieutenant-Colonel of Police (RC), project manager for the
deployment of business Intelligence in business.

Economic Intelligence and cybersecurity: the new challenge for the SMEs
(Paper delivered with Jean-Jacques Wagner)

Companies are not sufficiently prepared for the “risk culture”. Their organization and employee behavior are often significant risk factors. It is necessary to develop awareness actions to develop a culture of vigilance.

Protecting businesses through individual and collective behavior rules. The target of «cyber-attack» will often flaws in individual negligence, we must conduct awareness in companies to empower actors and change behavior.

These are the first tools of economic intelligence.

Businesses today are interconnected via computer and internet networks they do not master the actors who use them too. In this context, small businesses are particularly vulnerable because their technical capacity to manage all the technological elements are inadequate, are now prime targets for “cyber attacks”.

Their tools of management and communication are the first targets but the interconnection of all their machines and means of production will become the new attack targets, the risks are much greater and sneaky. Vigilance and prevention efforts must now be directed towards these new technologies and tools of connected objects.