Jart Armin

Jart Armin

Jart Armin

Principal of CyberDefcon NL&UK and founder of the US Cyber Security Foundation

Jart Armin is a leading analyst, and researcher of CTI (cyber threat intelligence), organised cybercrime, hacker intrusion, and advances in cybercrime mechanisms. He is Principal of CYBE, leading analyst and researcher of cyber threat intelligence, community researcher of organised cybercrime and cyber-warfare and at the forefront of quantification of Internet badness and advances in cybercriminal tools and tracking.
Editor of HostExploit, founder of the Cyber Security Foundation & DeepEndResearch.org, renowned analyst of the RBN (Russian Business Network), Russian cybercrime operations, and instrumental in the exposure of cyber-attacks on Georgia and cybercriminal hosts such as McColo and Atrivo. Jart is a coordinator for APWG.EU, Designated. Expert for Europol on Cyber Security, Member of ENISA ETL (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, Threat Landscape Security Group), Steering Committee for the Criminal Use of Information Hiding (CUIng) Initiative in cooperation with the Europol European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), Chairman of the APWG (anti phishing working group) for mobile technology security, Member of RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre), Member of the “NATO -National Cyber Security Framework –Peace and Security Program”.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and the EU

CTI, What? – data & metrics …. Threat Intelligence means gaining knowledge from observables of a given set of circumstances to make informed decisions on cyber risk. In CTI, data is gathered using a mix of evidence-based sources of information including data on security threats, vulnerabilities, attack methods, and applying this to situational awareness, such as knowledge of networks and systems.

CTI, Why? – prevention…. It is established that a single cyber security solution is no longer enough protection against the current landscape of sophisticated threats which are increasing year-on-year. Good CTI provides a proactive alternative to traditional, and out-dated, cyber security technologies giving preventative control over what type of observational data is gathered according to the context and scenario, be it for large organisations, SME’s or stakeholders in general. Appreciation and use of CTI as a valuable asset is increasing, in response to the growth in cyber-attacks and a need for attack and breach prevention.

CTI, the market? – EU can share this…… The cybersecurity market reached $75 Billion globally in 2015 and is expected to reach $170 Billion By 2020[1] The CTI market alone in Europe is estimated to be worth $3.83 Billion in 2017 rising to $8.94 Billion by 2022[2]

What is the current EU response to the need for CTI, and the rapidly expanding market? Mapping the threats, initiatives, examples and direction.

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