Jamil Ouazzani

Jamil Ouazzani

Jamil Ouazzani

Short Bio

Executive Director with more than 25 years of professional experience in Marketing Auditing & Management and a record of superior results in a variety of challenging and multicultural environments.

His areas of expertise include Marketing & Competitive Intelligence, Web Intelligence, e-business Strategy, Insurance Risk Management and International Business Development.

His is a Partner at Data Observer, a Digital Data Intelligence Agency, and the founder of Capital Value Consulting, a consulting firm focused on delivering Value to a wide range of clients and specializing in e- business Strategy, Marketing & Competitive services and training programs.

Illusion, Power and Security. A journey in the New Information Era and Globalization World

The 20st Century was characterized by significant chain of events that changed the World: World War I and World War II, Cold War and Post-Cold war conflicts, Intergovernmental Organizations, Global warming, Scientific discoveries and technological progress in Science, Medicine, Nuclear Power, …

In the last decade, the NTIC contributes to making the world’s knowledge more widely available and Internet became one of the most powerful tool for Strategic Communication, Leadership and Power.

All this World change needs more Strategic planning, Big data analysis and Action to compete on a local and global scale. Let’s talk today about the positive and negative impact of Globalization.

Partner for Italy & EMEA of Data-Observer – Digital Data Intelligence Agency