Iulian Popa

Iulian Popa

Iulian Popa

Short Bio

Iulian Popa has a particular interest in cybersecurity and cyberspace governance. He holds a master degree in security studies and a B.Sc. in engineering.

In the past year he has done research on cyber ethics, public private cooperation, and cybersecurity dilemma. He is an intelligence analysis process associate at The Centre for Intelligence Analysis and Trends Assessment.

Analysis: Which Are the Security and Risk Indicators to Use?
(Paper delivered with Ionel Niţu)

The authors have drafted a multi-annual analysis, estimation, and trends assessment matrix for the evaluation of cybersecurity environment in Romania. Besides that, the matrix serves for building worst-case and best-case scenarios related to the cybersecurity in Romania. As their proposal is a beta-version, their work is intended for experts’ consideration and debate only.

In summary, Mr. Nițu refines the initial and simplified method of analysis, estimation, and trends assessment established earlier by Mr. Popa. The indicators the authors proposed here were chosen based on a well balanced impact-relevance methodology and they are designed strictly for evaluation, feedback and scenario building purposes. The authors acknowledge some of them may be subject to ongoing change.