Ido Naor

Ido Naor

Ido Naor

Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

Short Bio

Ido is a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, GReAT team. Prior to joining Kaspersky, Ido was a researcher at McAfee Labs and Cisco, where he mainly focused on vulnerability research. Ido is credited for his responsible disclosure by the largest enterprises globally, such as eBay, Google, Facebook, Linkedin and more.
Ido is a devoting father and a martial arts expert, with extensive knowledge in special intelligence operations he acquired during his military service.

Breaking The Weakest Link Of The Strongest Chain

The war in the Middle East is constantly taking turns as the battle zone keeps changing from digital to physical. Both sides are always on the look for creative ways to either bypass security “fences” with force, sophisticated ways to gather intelligence, as well as using creativity to break the weakest link. In a very surprising move, the attacker in this round “flashed his skin” in order to lure their victim into submission. The “move” was detected as a sophisticated social engineering campaign luring hundreds of Israeli military servicemen into installing malicious mobile apps, which later gains silent control over their device to record military activities and ground force locations.
In this talk, I will deep dive into the layers of the operation, how it was planned and how we collected crucial intelligence that lead us into uncovering the operation and its operators.

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