Edwin Nicolaas

Edwin Nicolaas

Edwin Nicolaas

Edwin is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Qafis Biometrics, which he founded in 2013. Edwin is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He leads the development of its core technology and infrastructure.

Edwin studied at a Dutch University and serves as a board of directors of several private companies before he developed Qafis Biometrics.

Personal note from the ceo

“We thrive on truly understanding your business, on seeing what your organization needs. Time and time again, I witness how using a customized security solution makes a real difference, allowing you time to complete tasks and run your business efficiently,” said Edwin, CEO and founder of Qafis. “We are passionate about IT and become part of your team without the added costs of hiring an in-house IT department. Every company envisions how they would like their operations to run; let us convert your visions using biometric SSL security to execute your ideas. Biometric SSL is the ultimate safety for your business, privacy and confidence done right, safeguard what matters to you.”

Biometrics are SECRUE and CONVENIENT

How Secure is your Identity?

Borrow large sums of money, phone subscriptions, buy online clothing or even rent a house, clever criminals can do all this on behalf of another.

By obtaining data online through documents, hackers can assume a different identity.

The victim literally pays the price for the abuse, so protect yourself against these identity fraudsters with our tips.

The most common ways to steal an identity.

How to protect yourself against identity fraud.

The story of a Phish, attacks on social media / attacks during holiday season.

How secure or convenient are Biometrics?

The effectiveness of biometric technology, particularly fingerprint and face, has been proven to bring many benefits in areas such as financially web based security, e-Government, e-Commerce, Banking and Online login to trading platforms, online casino and crowd funding.

Research on biometrics has been carried out for decades and the popularity of fingerprint technology exceeds other biometric methods by preference and convenience.

Biometrics, primarily fingerprints and facial recognition, provide a unique identifying characteristic that each individual can use to confirm the authenticity of a transaction.

An account number is useless if it requires biometrics to be used, no two-fingerprints are alike.

That is why the future of financial transaction security is internal and unique to every single person.

We are simply not that good at being original in creating a password but our fingers are.