Daniel Ventre

Daniel Ventre

Daniel Ventre

Short Bio

• Holds a PhD in Political Science (Université de Versailles)
• Is the Secretary General of GERN (European Research Group into Norms), that is a european research network composed of 20 research academic centers / institutions / universities accross european and non-european countries. This interdisciplinary network (sociology, criminology, history, etc.) focuses on crime and deviance. GERN headquarters are located at CESDIP Laboratory (CNRS – University of Versailles – Ministry of Justice) where Daniel Ventre makes his research focused on cybersecurity & cyberdefence issues (political science, international relations, strategic and defense studies).
• Daniel Ventre is the holder of the Chair in Cyberdefense & Cybersecurity (Ecole de Saint- Cyr Coetquidan –Sogeti – Thales), since July 2012.
• He is the director of the Cyberconflict & Cybercrime Series (ISTE Edition).
• Invited Professor at Telecom ParisTech (Paris – France)

12 books published

• Information Warfare (2nd Edition), Wiley ISTE, January 2016, 300 pages
• Chinese Cybersecurity and Defense, Wiley ISTE, August 2014, 320 pages
• Information Warfare – 信息战, National Defense Industry Press, Beijing, 218 pages, January 2014
• Cyber Conflicts. Competing National Perspectives, Wiley ISTE, May 2012, 330 pages
• Contrôles et Surveillances dans le cyberespace, Daniel Ventre, Frédéric Ocqueteau (Eds), La Documentation Française, Problèmes Politiques et Sociaux, n°988, September 2011, 130 pages
• Cyberattaque et Cyberdéfense, Hermès Lavoisier, August 2011, 312 pages
• Cyberwar and Information Warfare, Wiley ISTE, July 2011, 448 pages
• Cyberespace et acteurs du cyberconflit, Hermès Lavoisier, April 2011, 288 pages
• Cyberguerre et Guerre de l’Information : stratégies, règles, enjeux, Hermès Lavoisier, September 2010, 318 pages
• Information Warfare (1st Edition) , Wiley ISTE, September 2009, 298 pages
• La guerre de l’information, Hermès Lavoisier, October 2007, 282 pages
• Votre entreprise sur Internet: conseils techniques, stratégiques et juridiques, Cépaduès Editions, France, May 2001, 160 pages

Follow him on his blog: http://econflicts.blogspot.com



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