Daniel Purdilă

Daniel Purdilă

Daniel Purdilă

Short Bio

Daniel Purdilă is working for Check Point Software Technologies since 2014 and, as a Sales Manager, Daniel is responsible for executing Check Point growth and market-share acquisition strategy. Prior to joining Check Point Daniel worked for France Telecom for 8 years were he had different roles (Presales, Consultant, BDM) directly designing, selling and managing large Security and IT&C projects for various Fortune500 companies. Daniel holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Politehnica University of Bucharest and was a visitor researcher at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure and SCADA Networks against Advanced Threats

From the moment we wake up, we use services and products which are manufactured with the help of industrial control systems (ICS). But, like anything connected to the Internet or to a network, there is an increased risk from cyber-attacks. And the risk is real. Increasing cyber threat concerns are having an impact on critical infrastructure of organizations because the physical implications have the potential to be catastrophic. A lot of these industries, companies from utilities, oil & gas, energy, aren’t properly protected against advanced threats. Operational environments have some special needs.

The first are the SCADA protocols which are used to communicate between the machines and controllers This requires a comprehensive and granular support for SCADA networks in order to understand what is going on. The second is the environment in which these production plants operate in.

These production plants require robust security systems that can operate in these harsh environments in extreme environmental conditions. Accurate threat detection and efficient response are critical components of preventing advanced attacks for ICS/SCADA.

This can be achieved by :

  • Visibility and Granular control of ICS SCADA traffic and protocols
  • Detecting and Preventing threats that are very unique to SCADA based equipments
  • Ruggedized Appliances that are able to operate in extreme environmental conditions and accommodate constraints that ICS network have.