Cristiano Cafferata

Cristiano Cafferata

Cristiano Cafferata

Short Bio

Cristiano Cafferata worked for security giant SonicWALL for eight years prior to DELL’s acquisition of that organization. During that time, he held the positions of Business Development Manager and System Engineer, with a mission to develop secure communication systems. In 2011 he was leading Dell Software’s Security for Italy and Greece.

Great qualities such as team leader, dedication and passion for computer security, make him fit to lead DSG’s Italian security team.

Cristiano is a key figure in the computing world, participating as a spokesman for the Vendor to Talk and roadshows on security systems and industry hot topics around the world, putting his own experience and culture available to the public. Great experience in high tech products, member of the CASD in order to cooperate in the protection of critical infrastructure, Cristiano embraces the challenges in every field that involves the use of security systems. His professionalism, dedication and commitment have been awarded by DELL in August 2012 with the appointment as Country Manager for Security for Italy and Greece, in which he led a steady growth in business until July 2014 when he received the appointment of DSG Team Leader for Italy and is now at the helm of the entire Italian DELL Software team, with the goal of building a strong and prosperous channel.

Connected Security. Why a multi-layered system is better than any other solution (at least for the moment) ?

What will happen after the NSA leak ? why the bundle Csc-Frtnt is so weak ? is no more a problem. Let’s discuss together how since the first day of internet a ZONE BASED split with a multi layered concept is protecting network objects better than any other solution.

The vendor POV into an open discussion give you the space to check what is a REAL SandBoxing system as well as what means a good zone based split, including something about endpoint protection without forgetting the Identity and privilege management.

How to make it without including a Ring-0 protection ? let’s “Cylance” the attackers where possible too ! – In 2016 we still see Ransomware grown and Cristiano will easily describe WHY … then we can all together find how to avoid it in the future thanks to the culture, SonicWALL solutions and some other add-ons : this is connected security !