Cristian Aionesei

Cristian Aionesei

Cristian Aionesei

Managing Partner of Tryamm (Romania)

Short Bio

Cristian Aionesei serves as Managing Partner of Tryamm since 1995. In this role, he has full ownership and oversight into all company products and services.

In addition to building new and innovative features and functionality across all our products and services, he is laser-focused on driving greater operational efficiencies, and compliance with our customer’s needs. As a Tryamm veteran for the last 21 years, Cristian has worked in tandem with a variety of internal teams, including sales and support. If you ever want a relatable download on the many facets and challenges within corporate IT, Cristian is the best person to guide you.

Advances Solutions for Data Erasing

Here’s why you need it and how to implement this final fortification in your data security defenses. Worldwide spending on information security is set to exceed $77 billion in 2015, an annual jump of 8 percent, according to Gartner. The area clocking the fastest growth is data loss prevention, at 19 percent. In fact, two-thirds of U.S. tech CFOs—people who don’t shell out dollars unless they have to—increased spending on cyber security in 2014, reports accountancy network BDO. Yet with all that budget going to data safeguards, many organizations overlook a simple, effective and cost-efficient measure in safeguarding information: data erasure. Many organizations mistakenly assume they can prevent data loss at end-of-equipment-life by simply deleting the data. But typical file deletion commands don’t truly erase data; they simply remove pointers to the disk sectors where the data resides.

Such “deleted” data can easily be recovered with common software tools. And while most ClO’s and IT pros are aware of this fact, many organizations are just waking up to the security implications. Other approaches exist, including physical destruction of devices, degaussing, encryption, re-formatting, simple overwriting and factory resets. But each has its drawbacks. To truly protect your employee records, customer information, intellectual property and other mission-critical data, you need comprehensive, certified data erasure. Certified data erasure can be achieved only through enterprise-class software that truly erases and verifies the erasure of sensitive information. Effective data erasure also requires a life cycle mindset that aligns data erasure with your business needs. Such an approach enables you to strategize, budget, target, standardize and report on your enterprise data erasure.

Blancco Data Erasure is a comprehensive solution which offers COMPLIANCE (certified by all major international government and industry standards for data erasure), REPORTING (issues an auditable erasure report proving that data was thoroughly removed at critical transition points), AUTOMATION (provide the level of erasure automation that’s right for your organization), VERSATILITY (provide a targeted and auditable process for removing data from files, disks, logical unit numbers, servers, virtual machines, storage systems, smartphones and tablets, BROAD PLATFORM SUPPORT (for mobile erasure, the software is able to communicate directly with all major mobile operating systems, it detects and simultaneously erase data from a wide range of devices, regardless of the specific erasure requirements for each device), HIGH-VOLUME ERASURE (it allow to execute and automate erasure of multiple devices, regardless of the environment, this could include multiple HDDs and SSDs, smartphones and tablets, files and folders, virtual machines and LUNs).

Blancco advanced data erasure solution is an effective, cost-efficient investment in data security. Combined with a life cycle approach, such a solution can ensure that data erasure is protecting your mission-critical information and your business. Blancco, a division of Blancco Technology Group, is the global de facto standard in certified data erasure. We provide thousands of organizations with an absolute line of defense against costly security breaches, as well as verification of regulatory compliance through a 100% tamper-proof audit trail.