Constantin Adrian Aron

Constantin Adrian Aron

Constantin Adrian Aron

Short Bio

Present in Telecommunication market since 2004, started as TDM/SDH engineer, DWDM optical transport, evolved to IP Voice, Routing & Switching and currently active focus on Cyber Security since 2011.

Ransomware, threats and countermeasures

Data Security today is more than a challenge to the IT industry, is more of a threat to actual society and how individuals interact and live. The bad actors of today affect everything that is connected and implicitly each person can be at some point, a target.

This unspoken but present war puts IT industry in a bad position, so it is our duty to educate each team member, family, friends, business partners in how to be safe, how to counteract, how to be suspicious and at least have a chance to fight back.

Today’s security is no longer only about technology, but more about how people are educated to sense, counteract and follow strict procedures in case of attack.

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