Bogdan Toporan

Bogdan Toporan

Bogdan Toporan

Founder and Managing Director of BISS

Mr. Bogdan Toporan is Founder and Managing Director of BISS | Best Internet Security, one of the first 100% Romanian companies focused entirely on cyber security, established 2001. Mr. Toporan carries an expertise of more than 15 years of dedication to the cyber security field, actively introducing security technologies to the Romanian marketplace, along with leveraging the hype type of information this particularly dynamic field of work has to deliver.

Passionate about information security and practical models of making it work for very heterogeneous environments, Mr. Toporan was involved in all BISS projects, from security base lining, to valid protection, remediation and resolution. Current interests outline security intelligence and relevant operational cyber security services, mapped on the Romanian security ecosystem.

Plenary speach : Holistic Cyber Services and Privacy

Since a few years back, as BISS was mainly a network and system security company, we saw the rising risks posed by unsuspecting users that were /and still are targeted by tailored attacks towards their organizations.

As a result, we’ve added capabilities to also address the user security space, looking towards advanced threats nd hybrid attacks even more than before.

This, complemented with our expertise with security intelligence platforms, enabled us to engage together with our customers and partners towards delivering a wide range of services to manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and maximize operational efficiency.

If in 2016 we’ve presented our approach within the “Eyes on the user!” presentation, the approach for 2017 covers a very interesting vision and ear to the ground about our security services and holistic approach, also towards new regulatory challenges in the EU space.

Day 2 speach : Using a SOC 4 Compliance

BISS is an established cyber security company, that delivered hundreds of projects, technology and services alike. Our expertise makes us a trusted provider, and such our vision always derives from the real world applied experience, as we’ve build an “ahead of the threat” mindset.

With this avantage we are involved in building together with some of our customers and partners, security operations platforms, for various reasons and needs.In this years’s workshop, we aim to present a set of capabilities that can be delivered from a Security Operations Center towards customers that are looking to achieve GDPR compliance.

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