Bogdan-Mihai Zamfir

Bogdan-Mihai Zamfir

Bogdan-Mihai Zamfir

Head of ICT Security, UniCredit Bank Romania

Short Bio

Bogdan is responsible for all areas of ICT Security operations at UniCredit Bank. His expertise includes enterprise risk and threat management, IT compliance, information protection, identity management, security monitoring, forensics and internal fraud detection and prevention.

He is vice-president of the ICT Security technical commission of the Romanian Banking Association (ARB). He delivered presentations at local and international security conferences and holds several technical certifications (CISM, C|CISO, Security+, ACSA, ECSA, MoRP, COBIT-F, PRINCE2-F).


Security Orchestration for Automated Defence

Organizations have spent last couple decades implementing prevention and detection capabilities that now cause the average organization to experience millions of security events every day. And that volume is going to continue to raise making the statistics alone to signal us that the current methods of responding to security incidents are not sustainable. Large scale breaches have shown us that ignoring one key security event regardless of severity can be the difference between a thwarted or successful attack. Therefore, they have to either staff up or find a way to increase the capacity and effectiveness of their security analysts.