Alain Seid

Alain Seid

Alain Seid

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belfort (France)

Short Bio

Alain Seid is president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belfort (France), Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the region Franche-Comté (France) in charge of the energy industries, Doctor honoris causa of the University of Petrosani (Romania).

The importance of a safe e-commerce for the very small enterprises. Examples of good practices.

Small business enterprises have become prime targets for attacks, they do not have the organization that allows them to be reactive to deal with these risks and often isolated lie in this kind of situation. The experience of interactive warning system such as that which has been set up on the Belfort area can be a prevention tool. We must use the dynamic and interactive communication tools and networks to transform as protective means.

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