Akos Bodis

Akos Bodis

Akos Bodis

CEO and founder of Yellow Cube

Short Bio

Akos Bodis is the CEO and founder of the multinational IT security distribution group Yellow Cube. Akos has a wide range of expertise in managing salesand regional growth of IT security start-ups, with a wide customer range from SME to governmental security agencies. Before Yellow Cube, Akos filled the role of CEE regional director at Stormshield, part of Airbus Defence and Space Cybersecurity, focusing on network security product lines.

Previously he worked in the antivirus industry, as the CIO for ESET in Hungary. Akos also holds a computer science master’s degree from the Technical University of Budapest. Yellow Cube is an IT security oriented, value added distribution group of companies with local presence in 15 countries. Based in Hungary, Yellow Cube has offices in Ajka, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest, Olomouc and Prague. Yellow Cube represents specialist vendors to provide complex protection of computer networks, endpoints, users and data. With products covering both infrastructure and human security, Yellow Cube provides a wide range of solutions from basic security needs to behavior-based advanced threat protection.

Cybersecurity from Airbus: the importance of trusted European Security

Backdoors in IT security equipment is a plague that has been around since the conception of the industry. Millions of dollars are spent every year to make network equipment exploitable, either via backdoors as simple as built-in passwords, or complexly implemented functionalities that takes years to uncover. These backdoors and exploits can cause unprecedented damage and sooner or later all become the playtoy of bored teenagers, ready to wreak havoc on enterprise and government networks woldwide.

Stormshield, the trusted cybersecurity vendor of the Airbus Group offers proven and certified solutions to protect enterprise and governmental networks from emerging threats. The certified firewall technology is free from backdoors, the company’s solutions are free from recent and past scandals. The EU/NATO certified implementation of encryption warrants maximum security, while it doesn’t come with a military-grade pricetag. Firewalls to next generation end-point protection and secure data encryption, Stormshield protects the entire enterprise against all cyber threats. Come and see the multi-layer, collaborative security from Stormshield!

About Stormshield: Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space Cybersecurity, offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks, workstations and enterprise data. These next generation trusted solutions, certified at the high levels in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+), ensure the protection of strategic information and are deployed through a partner network of distributors, integrators and operators in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defence organizations worldwide.