Training 5 – Learn to be safe!! All the dangerous tools you use or are going to use …

First part:

Common use software and devices. How safe they are and what should you do?

Second part:

Safe social media use for individuals and for companies.

Third part:

IoT: what you have, what you will have, and how should you think about managing it.

Founder and CEO, Security Brokers,

Milan, Italy

1st part : Raoul Chiesa, Founder and CEO, Security Brokers International Raoul Chiesa has been among the first Italian hackers back in the 90´s (1986-1995). Then, he decided to move to professional InfoSec. Since 2003 he started its cooperation with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, working on “HPP”, the Hackers Profiling Project run by ISECOM and UNICRI; in 2005 he has been officially recognized as a cybercrime advisor. Since February 2010 till march 2015, Raoul Chiesa has been a Member of the European Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA) Permanent Stakeholders’ Group (PSG) covering the previous two mandates, 2010-2012 and 2012-2015. He is regular key speaker at official security events.

PhD Habil, Member, ITU Roster of


2nd part : Laurent Chrzanovski, PhD Habil, Member, ITU Roster of experts With a PhD of the University of Lausanne, a Postdoctoral Research Degree of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, and an EU Habilitation, Laurent is Professor at the doctoral school of the University of Sibiu. Laurent is head organizer of the yearly congress “Cybersecurity in Romania“. He also conceived the awareness-raising exhibition “Social media heroes, social media victims. From hieroglyphs to Facebook” for the ITU headquarters (Geneva). He attended not a few cyber security conferences as VIP speaker, mainly based on the necessary philosophy and trans-disciplinary approaches needed to understand the phenomenon. He is also co-editor-in-chief of the quarterly journal “Cybersecurity Trends”

Independent Senior Advisor

on corporate management and security

3rd part : Doris Altenkamp, Independent Senior Advisor on corporate management and security. Doris has over 15 years of professional experience in information security and ICT. She has consulted with organizations in various industries, translating changing information security requirements and regulations into security management architectures and solutions aligned with business needs and corporate goals. Doris has worked as an information security professional and security facilitator in various leadership roles for over 20 years. She has a degree in Computer Science from Saarland University, Saarbrücken and has conducted extensive research and published material on coding theory.

Attendees : max. 30 persons

Price : 300 Eur + VAT per person, didactic material, 2 lunches and coffee breaks included

ATTENTION : this special cost is granted and available in priority for the participant at the Congress