I. Who’s who

The 4th Edition of the Conference “Cybersecurity in Romania” is brought to you by the NGO Swiss WebAcademy, in collaboration with Security Brokers International, New Strategy Center, Agora Media Group and iBusiness.

Organizing committee

Daniela Chrzanovski, CEO, Swiss Webacademy; Dr. Laurent Chrzanovski, Congress Manager; Marco Obiso, Cyber-security Coordinator within the International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Virgil Spiridon, Deputy director of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR), Florin Cosmoiu, Head of the National CYBERINT Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI); Raoul Chiesa, CEO, Security Brokers International; Romulus Maier, CEO, Agora Group; Ionel Niţu, President, New Strategy Center.

Equity, Neutrality, Objectivity through international and national Dialogue

As in the precedent editions, the ITU (International Telecommunication Union, UNO-Geneva), decided to support the organization of the 2016 congress, by ensuring the presence of its cyber-security division and by allowing us, thanks to a special grant, to invite internationally renowned independent specialists. Warrant of the neutrality of the event, the Embassy of Switzerland to Romania granted its Aegis and the congress will take place under the High Patronage and in presence of the Swiss Ambassador, H.E. Urs Herren.

II. Enhanced Romanian & International institutional and professional Partnerships

The ‘breaking news’ in comparison with the precedent editions is that, besides the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) – represented by the CYBERINT Center – as well as the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR), the ANCOM(Romanian National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications) and the CERT-RO (Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team) decided to become partners, too.

Moreover, important western European actors accepted to become partners: The Ministry of Security and Economy of the Swiss Canton of Geneva – represented by the Geneva State Police –, the center of the Special Telecommunications of the Republic of Moldova – represented by the Cyber Security Center CERT-GOV-MD –, the Global Cyber Security Center (GCSEC) of the Italian Posts and the Listeners Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense in Franche-Comté (AR10 of the IHEDN).

Among professional partners, the congress is backed by two powerful associations, the CLUSIS (Swiss Association of Information Security) and its Romanian counterpart, the ANSSI (Romanian National Association for Information Systems Security).

Under this multiple partnership and with the help of each partner, not only we are sure that the most prominent State and Private actors will be present, but, much more, we can be certain that the congress will raise the right hottest questions and topic in real time.

III. How does it work?

The congress is the only non-technical and non-marketing event in Romania – and one of the few in Central and South-Eastern Europe – in the IT&C security field, addressing to both national and international experts, oriented towards international cooperation and real public private partnership models of success identified at the global level.  Moreover, its aim is to raise awareness and to give all the necessary information on threats and protection measures to be taken, to the CEOs and decision-makers.

This formula helped the congress to grow in quality and internationality, reaching new horizons and being since 2015 promoted as “best practice example” by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

An (im)possible task?

Building a security event based on strict rules excluding vendor speeches and too niche-oriented technical presentations is a challenge only a non-profit NGO could take on. At a first glance, marketing heads of private companies do not see the “ROI” of their presence to the congress, while techies feel lost in topics they believe not interesting tor them.

In a world with a tsunami of daily events dedicated to cyber-security, the congress found its own place by combining:

  • the closed-doors congresses freedom of speech (Chatham House Rule).
  • the marketing fairs “ROI” by helping all private representatives to network and use B2B facilities at any time outside the congress hall.
  • The State-citizens dialogue events by ensuring the presence of high-ranked State officials at breaks, lunches, dinners, with a real interaction with any person interested to share points of view.

In a word, from the first edition when nobody gave us a chance to survive, moreover in this region, the congress became renowned among specialists as one of the most agreeable and useful yearly networking event in the continent.

Helping decision-makers to be aware and know the ITSEC vocabulary, a key of the “networking paradise”

For all non-technical participants to the congress, since the first edition, the organizers offer a free pre-congress awareness training day, analyzing with the participants the most important actual IT&C dangers and threats. This day – in this edition managed with the precious help of CLICO – is made by interventions of an international group composed by some the best independent analysts. Specific vocabulary and notions included in easily understandable, illustrated examples enable participants to understand perfectly the papers hold during congress and the interact efficiently with the speakers and specialists gathered at Sibiu.

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