Deputy Director of the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime

Dear guests,

The Romanian Police is the most important structure tasked with ensuring the safety of the citizens, which forces us to constantly adopt the best measures to meet the needs of society. It is one of the most robust and complex institutions in Romania, with over 44 specific lines of work in the field of public order and safety, as well as in the investigation and fight against crime, both simple and organized.

The dependence of the modern society on technology creates, however, the necessary breach in the security of citizens’ daily life, a breach which is immediately speculated in the commission of specific crimes. Thus, the impact of cybercrime places such deeds among the most profitable ones in terms of the ratio damage / financial profit gained, while the economic growth and recession have led to an increase in the number of crimes with an economic impact that caused damage to persons or brought an economic benefit to organized crime groups.

Cybercrime is directed both against individuals and against private or state companies, thus requiring a good organization of the members of the criminal groups and their specialization in different types of criminal activities, with easy access to the latest technologies and unlimited opportunities to travel abroad.

One of the priorities of the Romanian Police is combating organized crime. Thus, it was also emphasized the need for improving expertise in cybercrime, creating the Center of Excellence in the fight against cybercrime – CYBEREX-RO, as a viable partnership between law enforcement authorities, judicial authorities, higher education institutions or professional and private environment.

The International Congress “Cybersecurity in Romania”, organized jointly with Swiss Webacademy, has already become a tradition and represents a good opportunity to strengthen globally the cooperation and trust between institutions and law enforcement authorities and international organizations in the field, Romania having a strategic position which can facilitate dialogue and debate on the prevention and fight against cybercrime.

This year’s topic is extremely generous and gives us the opportunity, through exchange of information, data and working procedures, to better understand the specificity, trends and modes of expression of the economic crime offenses.

I would like to recall that Romania, through the Romanian Police, coordinated the European priority “Cybercrime” in the 2011-2013 EU Policy Cycle as a driver, and in the new 2014 – 2017 EU Policy Cycle we are driver for the “Payment Card Fraud” sub-priority, co-driver for the “Cyber attacks” sub-priority and participant in the sub-priority “Child pornography on the Internet“.