Ioan CINDREA, President of the Sibiu County Council

It gives me great pleasure to be involved in the 3rd edition of the “Cybersecurity in Romania” congress. I am pleased to see that the initiative launched in 2013 by the Swiss Webacademy has become a regular event for the Sibiu County.

With this year’s groundbreaking “Awareness day”, Sibiu County will position itself among the unique examples of free mass public cybersecurity awareness raising events. We are privileged to benefit from the wide range of international specialists that bring to Sibiu an extensive experience regarding cybersecurity.

Based on the first two impressively developed editions, we are delighted to support right after the conclusion of this third edition, the implementation of a pilot project for the Sibiu County that consist of cybersecurity training sessions for several socio-professional groups.

Sibiu County Council is the only public institution that accepted to have its whole web accessible platform tested on virtual Internet.


President of the Sibiu County Council