head of the CYBERINT National Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)

Head of the CYBERINT National Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)

In my capacity of head of the CYBERINT National Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), I participated to the first two editions of this amazing congress. I consider this event, born in September 2013 and continuously growing, a very good example of good practices on public-private dialogue platform, maybe one of the most useful in our country.

The massive implication of the International Telecommunications Union and of the Swiss Embassy to Romania is also an unicum, warranting quality, equity and neutrality of the congress, together with the local authorities abiding to no effort to be the most perfect guests, creating an ideal atmosphere for networking and talks.

The very nature of the event, focused to make aware state and private decision-makers on this very crucial topic, the way it is managed – non technical, non marketing and non-profit – builds the perfect spot for an Institution such as the SRI, and in particular the CYBERINT National Center, to dialogue with the business community, the IT security solution providers and, last but not least, with a very large community of special guests from foreign countries, may them be independent analysts or State representatives.

The non-technical public and private decision-makers awareness training, the children, teenagers and general public awareness raising shows and, finally, the opened innovation fair with free admission for the citizens is an action we could not miss to support.

All those elements led the SRI and the CYBERINT National Center to jump the gap, for this 3rd edition, between being participants and becoming partners of the event.

We indeed believe that the Sibiu yearly event is an ideal place for showing the willingness of the SRI and of the CYBERINT National Center to dialogue with the broadest public possible, national as well as international.

The CYBERINT National Center naturally granted also its aegis to huge work (5 useful books translated and published on paper and online) achieved by the NGO Swiss Webacademy, with the help of the ITU and Saferinternet Poland.

The most important volumes of the ITU Child Online Protection, published until now in international languages only and the Saferinternet books, written in Polish by Nobody’s Children Foundation together with the Polish Government are now available for any Romanian-speaking child, teenager, parent or professor, which is a work we were far for being expecting some months ago and deserves our gratitude and support. Every single citizen made aware about the cyber-dangers is a enormous help for the Romanian State Law Enforcement Institutions fighting daily against an ever-renewing galaxy of illegal and harmful IT attacks against citizens, companies and the State itself.

Against one of the most important dangers for our society, State Institutions working with private companies and civil society prove to be a flexible, dynamic and hence successful mechanism to raise awareness and promote dialogue we must sustain and help, and the Sibiu Congress proved to be a pioneering attempt to open this way of multilateral debates.

I wish, as well as my staff, to meet and discuss with you a and wish you a very pleasant and productive meeting.