I. Equity, neutrality, objectivity through international and national dialogue

After analysis of the 2013 congress, the ITU (UNO-Geneva) and the Swiss Confederation (MELANI – Swiss Federal Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance – as well as the Swiss Embassy in Romania) decided to support the organization of the 2014 congress, by a strong presence of their specialized directions and by ensuring the presence of internationally renowned independent specialists.

The precious help of the Sibiu County Council as well as the University of Sibiu will ensure the presence of Romanian renowned academic and research specialists who do not belong to any private firm.

Therefore, in collaboration with the ITU and the CERT-RO, a selected panel of 10 foreign and 10 Romanian prominent personalities in the field will attend the event and will help to create the most useful dialogue possible between state, IT security actors and IT consumers, allowing the organizers to continue and strengthen their initiative, which has now all the premises to be continued on a yearly base.

II. Macro-regional points of view, from the main neighboring countries

Contrary to the 2013 event, main actors from Institutions and research groups from the neighboring countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova – will be invited as guest speakers, allowing to understand the Romanian reality in its macro-regional context and to see which solutions are being implemented there and which Romanian solutions could help abroad.

Their presence will help to focus even more on our part of the continent, after a more general context and good practices examples will be discussed by guest speakers from the ITU as well as from Institutions and research groups from Switzerland, Italy, Poland a.s.o.

III. Dialogue between State Institutions and private sector

The main guideline of the event is, as in 2013, to create an open dialogue between Romanian and foreign State Institutions, which will show how their activities can help the private sector, and private actors, which will explain their needs, in order to create a useful brainstorming, potentially a ‘generator’ of new measures, law projects, think-tanks.

 IV. B2B: enhancing ideal networking and targeting for IT firms and IT consumers

The lectures will continue to be, in a compulsory way, non-marketing. But besides the lectures and workshops, our aim is also to provide a useful meeting point for companies and participants. The 2013 congress was not fully satisfactory in its goal of offering full networking and targeting opportunities for State, IT security firms and IT consumers. The 2014 edition will be planned together with some of the most important Romanian firms of both groups, allowing us to know and to try to fulfill their needs and desiderata concerning specific firms or economy sectors to be represented in the attendance.

V. New congress structure: lectures and workshops

Contrary to the 2013 edition, the number of key lectures to be held in the amphitheater will be limited to the most relevant topics, during the first morning of the first day.

The congress will then be structured into three workshop rooms with a foreign and a Romanian moderator, from both public and private sector, who will lead the session, and hence stimulate debates and discussions.

During the conclusions, to be held in the amphitheater, each moderator will draw a synthesis of the most important issues and data of his workshop.

VI. Open-minded, open to society, open to researchers

The 2013 congress with its feedbacks proved that Romania needs a fully transparent dialogue platform on cybersecurity issues. Providing free attendance for a selected panel of journalists to a dedicated press point, disseminating goals and then results to national and international media will help to raise the population interest on the issue and grow the awareness of the problematic among the decision-makers.

In a complementary and compulsory logic, we will continue to publish the acts of the congress in partnership with the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, as a special monograph of the series “Studia Securitatis“, in order to ensure that the academic world will have access to the richness of the conference presentations and discussions.

Dr. Laurent Chrzanovski, Conference Manager

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