Let us build together the IT security of tomorrow!

Jean-Hubert Lebet,
Ambassador of Switzerland to Romania
and Honorary President of the Swiss


In my capacity of Ambassador of Switzerland to Romania, I salute the initiative of the Swiss WebAcademy and of its partners in the challenge to build an efficient dialogue platform between most of the key decision-makers in the domain of cyber security.

In a world marked more and more by multiculturalism and globalization, a successful experience share between Swiss and Romanian specialists, combined with skilled international analysts, could bring innovation and benefic results for all sizes, for Switzerland as well as for Romania.

Switzerland is one of the world leaders as far as protection against cyber-attacks is concerned because huge investments in security were made in the past.

In the last national strategy report on the domain, it was clearly pointed out, that “Cyber risks are real and manifold. Even if there are no precise details, only rough estimates of how great the risks are, how frequently cyber attacks or technical disruptions occur and how severe the actual damage or damage potential really is, the trend of recent years is undisputed and clear: incidents where states, companies and individuals have been attacked and damaged via data networks are increasing in both number and quality.”(1)

In 2012, the Swiss government made an assessment of the situation in order to plan the implementation of the strategy against cyber risk, in particular strengthen the coordination of the several actors active in this field (2).

In this frame, witnessing the amazing reality and development capacity of Romania in the IT field, bringing the country in the world’s top ten both in the bright and in the dark side of IT skilled specialists, it is an honor to be present in the real heart of what is going on and what will go on in the next years.

The Swiss contribution may not be very large to this congress, but it is significant as the real core of the way the congress was thought since the beginning by the Swiss Webacademy could be defined as a “Swiss trend”, as a successful dialogue between State and Private decision makers, between providers and users in an international atmosphere is certainly a way of collaboration we are used to in Switzerland, by its traditions of consensus, federalism and neutrality.

I address all my gratefulness to the institutions of the Romanian State, who accepted to take part to the initiative, showing by the importance of their presence their will to dialogue with the civil society in such a crucial matter for our businesses as well as for our daily lives. In the same way, I would like to encourage all the entrepreneurs and private decision-makers to participate to the conference.

Jean-Hubert Lebet,
Ambassador of Switzerland to Romania
and Honorary President of the Swiss Webacademy

  1. Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, National strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks (19.06.2012)
  2. http://www.parlament.ch/f/suche/pages/geschaefte.aspx?gesch_id=20133229 (04.06.2013)