The subject of gender and equal opportunities continues to spur a lot of interest. Can we still talk about the “glass ceiling” when it comes to the promotion of women in companies or business?
I’m glad that I had the chance to be involved in the Gender Balance project in Bucharest and Vienna. If we talk about Romania, I think that women have access to resources, even in the countryside. The impor- tant thing is to do something about it, rather than just think about it. There are government programs that support women. One such initia- tive is the Woman Manager program, there are also funds available to women who set up new companies, and there are even European fund- ing opportunities for business in agriculture. The expression “glass ceiling” mostly applies to women in board positions at major compa- nies, which are traded on the stock market. In Romania, women hold 10.3 per cent of board positions, but the question is whether women are motivated to become CEOs?

What are the social and psychological implications when, in 2016, we are talking about “more accessible” tests in the International Mathematics Olympiad for girls?
I believe that social perceptions, mentalities and girls’ education in Romania encourage such “unfortunate outcomes”. I think that there are no intellectual differences, I would even dare to say that there are no physical differences that could prevent women to achieve performances in fields traditionally considered to be for men. Women play football, there are women in boxing competitions, we have women in the army, and there are female pilots.

You have pointed out that women in Romania have managed to match or even exceed men in important areas such as educational achievements or even management performance. What are the “competitive” advantages that allow women to achieve better results in business? For example, when we talk about entrepreneurship, we talk about risk. Are women more calculated than men in evaluating risk? What other qualities does a woman entrepreneur have?
I think that women are more responsible and hardworking; this may be their competitive advantage. Moreover, a great asset is their emotional intelligence and the desire for per- sonal development, skills that help them gen- erate long-time business relations with cus- tomers, business partners, etc.

Lately, specialized magazines have claimed that women make better managers than men. Is it true? Why is that?
Female managers focus on team spirit and motivating the team. Moreover, women are more careful, hardworking and responsible, so they gain more achievements for their compa- nies. I believe that when there is interest, both men and women managers can become great achievers.

Could women’s entrepreneurial success represent a threat for men in business?
I don’t think there is a battle between men and women entrepreneurs. I believe in diversi- ty and teamwork, which are key to business development. What I tend to believe is that men want to have partnerships with women entrepreneurs, for their tenacity and their work capacity.

Can female entrepreneurs still find the time to be wives and mothers? Is there a balance between personal life and professional life for those who want to assert themselves? Do successful women still have to work three times harder than men in order to get professional recognition and promotion?
I think most women don’t talk about their achievements out of modesty, this being the reason why ladies feel they have to work three times harder in order to get professional recognition and promotion. I think that women know how to get their motivation and energy from the time spent with their family and know how to use this type of beautiful energy in business and career development.
Thus, I don’t think that you can always equally provide time for both family and career. There are moments when you have to dedicate yourself to a project and there are times when your family needs you. The important thing is to alternate those moments and not to forget to do beautiful things for your soul too.


Bianca Tudor

Founder & owner – Elite Business Women
Managing partner – More Solutions